ioVia | Bath Soak | ALOE VERA

Cannabinoids: 100mg THC / 100mg CBD

Product Description

IoVia™ CBD-THC Restorative Bath
Our Restorative Bath is rich in magnesium and essential oils that ease stress and inflammation, paired with carefully-selected essential oils – skin-nourishing aloe vera, soothing lavender, and rejuvenating tea tree – to enhance the medicated experience. Our balanced 1:1 blend of CBD & THC is ideal for soaking away tension, muscle soreness, and stressful days.

Available in 3 scents suit a variety of desired experiences
Balanced 1:1 blend across all scents
Full strength restorative bath
Free from all major allergens
Trusted Colorado CBD & THC

17.6 oz Foil Bag / 500g total net weight
100 mg CBD / 100 mg THC per bag

Aloe Vera
Skin-nourishing aloe vera is known for its antioxidant properties along with high levels of vitamin A and C. The anti-inflammatory benefits of aloe are further augmented when paired with our locally-sourced cannabis.

Soothing lavender oil is most recognized for its calming scent, but also offers antiseptic and anti-inflammatory relief. This relaxing scent is ideal for reducing stress and anxiety.

Tea Tree
Rejuvenating tea tree oil alleviates inflammation and skin irritation while awakening the senses and easing pain.



Cannabinoids: 100mg THC

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