Mega | Portable Dab-rig | Thor

One-piece Quartz Bucket Chamber on a Powerful Battery

Product Description

Introducing the Mega Thor 1300 mAh Wax Vape Kit featuring a one-piece quartz chamber. No wick, no leak, only a quartz atomizer. No unpleasant odor, releasing pure cannabis vapor.

Recommending 30-45W to glow like a lantern. Nothing contacts your material except quartz surface.

With two functions, Manual and Auto.

Press and hold the power button.

Press the power button 3 times in rapid succession.
The power button will shine blue to indicate it is heating automatically.
After 20 seconds, automatic heating will shut down.
To cancel the automatic heating at any time,
simply press the power button to return to manual operation mode.

1300 mAh
Quartz bucket Chamber
Size D22mm*H50mm
510 thread wax vaporizer
Material Pyrex glass, stainless steel
Match battery Box mod battery
Capacity/Voltage: 1300mAh / 3.7-4.2V
Wattage Range: 1- 100W
Support: 0 .1- 3 ohm

1 x Long mouthpiece glass cap
1 x Atomizer base 22mm diameter
1 x Quartz heating ele ment
1 x Dab tool
1 x 1300mAh trunk battery


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